Black Mountain

8 July | Fringe Festival Programme 

17-19 July 2018

OSO- Barnes, London


"Dark and unsettling"    "Superbly acted"   "Sharply written"

"Gives The Shining a run for it’s money"      "Gripping from start to finish"   

"A spine chilling story - wonderfully performed!"

"A masterclass in emotional manipulation"        "Deliciously uncomfortable"

New thriller by the award winning writer Brad Birch recently completed a UK tour and was produced by Wild Duck Theatre for the OSO Fringe Festival in July 2018. Set in an airbnb at the foot of Black Mountain, it’s a get away weekend for Paul and his partner Rebecca to make up ... or is it?  

This psychological story twists and turns towards its compelling and terrifying conclusion.

Black Mountain

Original Music  © Joe Evans

Production Photography © Marc Pearce

Cast & Creatives

Fleur de Henrie Pearce


Arthur Velarde


Charlotte Skinner


Susan Conte


Joe Evans

Original Music

Marc Pearce


and Lighting Design

Crew & Wild Duck Team

Left to Right  - Charlotte Skinner 'Helen', Arthur Velarde 'Paul & Fleur de Henrie Pearce 'Rebecca'

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