Things I Know To  Be True


20-24 November 2018

OSO- Barnes, London

"Funny & Poignant" "Superbly Acted" "Heart-Achingly Tender" "Thoroughly Absorbing"

"Truly exceptional piece of theatre" "Very Moving Production"


"The inconspicuous direction of Susan Conte who 

lets the action feel instinctive and spontaneous" Essential Surrey

"Joyful, Painful, Honest"

"The resilience of the Wild Duck cast to the demands of the material is a truly impressive achievement " 

"Borrell’s writing, enraptured by the cyclical nature of things, is also realised in the

cool blues and crisp whites of the seasons as they pass.

Exceptionally gorgeous work from lighting designer Katie Nicholl" Georgia Renwick for Mark Aspen Reviews

Searingly beautiful family saga, set in a small town in Australia, explores the opposing pulls of the tight bonds of family against the urge of four siblings to grow up and leave the nest.
Created in 2016 by Andrew Bovell (together with Frantic Assembly and a GCSE English resource text), the production included original music © Joe Evans and physical theatre from Wild Duck Theatre.

This is theatre to encourage the whole family to talk about growing up – and to weep a bit.

Things I Know To Be True

Original Music  © Joe Evans

Production Photography © Marc Pearce

Cast & Creatives

James Lloyd Pegg  


Dorothy Duffy


    Tarryn Meaker    


 Ian Kinane


    Ben Dimmock    


    Berenike Kahane   


Susan Conte


Joe Evans

Original Music

Marc Pearce


and Set Design

Katie Nicholl

Lighting Designer

Crew & Wild Duck Team

Left to Right  -  Tarryn Meaker Pip, Ian Kinane Mark, Dorothy Duffy Fran, Beri Kahane Rosie, Ben Dimmock Ben & James Lloyd Pegg Bob

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