King Charles III


4-8 June 2019

Barnes, London

"A show that lingers with you" "Engrossing"

"What a show! From beginning to end you are transported alongside the emotion and turmoil of each character. Superbly acted by every single cast member and expertly directed by Susan Conte this is a real treat."

"WOW! This show knocks you off your feet. "

"Powerful, emotive, moving performances and beautifully crafted characters."

"An ambitious show, delivered with style. Bravo." 

"Real/thought out characters, no obvious stereotypes/charactertures"

"Right Royal treatment for this fascinating play in Susan Conte's bravura in-the-round production."

"Daniel Wain excels in the title role with excellent support from the large cast."

"Together, the creative team carefully put together an excellent cast that combined to deliver a fabulous production.

An excellent idea to arrange this production ‘in-the-round’ and to bring the audience closer to the action. This definitely created a more intimate atmosphere and feeling of involvement throughout. In a play with so much intricate, and often lengthy, prose

I can clearly see a weaker cast struggling to maintain the pace and energy needed to hold an audience’s attention.

We were treated to some truly first-class acting and wonderful performances. 

Overall, this was a captivating play and one that simply enthralled the audience. " Des Wilby NODA

Barnes Community Players and Wild Duck Theatre link up for an exciting summer co-production

of satire, comedy, and tragedy in Mike Bartlett’s audacious future history play where

Charles reigns as the new King but can’t resist the temptation to meddle.

Mike Bartlett's much acclaimed blank verse 'future history play' explores the people beneath the crowns, the unwritten rules of our democracy, and the conscience of Britain's most famous family. 

King Charles III
King charles iii

Production Photography © Marc Pearce

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