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Short Plays for Short Journeys

The podcast that brings you new plays by exciting authors, to listen to while you’re on the move

This new podcast, created by Wild Duck Theatre, showcases talented but unheard playwrights.

Season one consists of four diverse plays including Brothers, by Matthew Huntington, a witty family drama.

Each episode has a different storyline and style, exploring the nature of the human condition and each runs between eleven and nineteen minutes. Brothers, for example, delicately yet with great humour, explores the pain and shame of infertility.


“With so many exceptional writers, we searched for ways to bring to life the work of these authors and combine their creativity with our company of talented actors and directors.“ Susan Conte - Artistic Director


During these uncertain times it’s a joy to bring some escapism to our valued patrons who are currently unable to attend stage productions. Podcasts offer an immediate theatre experience and with the varied running times, the option to listen on the move or when you feel like escaping to another time, is available to listeners.” Fleur de Henrie - Producer

For more information on each play, click on the episode and then the music symbol

Season two stories again showcase new writing talent exploring the human experience and this time has a more international reach, as two American authors, an Irish writer and two Brits are featured.


Featured plays are the superbly crafted Covenant Farm by Brigid Amos about a West Coast commune and the powerful commitment of its remaining members to their land; Relic by Ash Corristine reflecting on the power of an Irish childhood to shape the future; Sisters-in-law by Matthew Huntington takes further the story of Brothers from season one but now interlocks the wives’ perspective of the same family event; a look into a dystopian smart home in Butterflies by Tony Voller and the chilling Crazy Quilts about the secrets of a small town quilting circle by Karen Fix Curry.


Plays run from 15 minutes up to 40 minutes, are standalone stories and performed by a host of talented professional and experienced actors.

"We were lucky to have achieved so much international interest from season one, and through our commitment to finding new writing, we have found these brilliant writers and actors.” Susan Conte - Artistic Director


"The great joy of zoom is that we’ve been able to meet with writers, creating rapport, meaning that actors have been able to give feedback directly to writers and also to learn about the writer’s vision. We’ve involved everyone with the rehearsal process from the start.”

Fleur de Henrie - Producer

For more information on each play, click on the episode and then the music symbol

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