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It is brilliant. I agonised through it! Thank you! - Judy

Brothers by Matthew Huntington (SPRSJ S1)

Nasty boys. Very good. - Ann

Brothers by Matthew Huntington (SPRSJ S1)

I really enjoyed it  - Katrina

Brothers by Matthew Huntington (SPRSJ S1)

Lovely work and such a good idea.

The SP comes from a very deep place! - Clair

The Shell Pilgrim by Susan Conte (SPRSJ S1)

I loved listening to season one! Beautifully produced podcasts and great stories!  -  

Brigid Amos | playwright & historical fiction author


"Susan Conte and Fleur de Henrie Pearce have produced an enjoyable and professional set of little plays in

Short Plays for Short Journeys." 

Eleanor Lewis Mark Aspen Reviews

"an intensely concentrated piece..a brilliant gem..

remarkably well cast..Susan Conte’s writing is incisive and gripping."  Mark Aspen Reviews

The Shell Pilgrim by Susan Conte (SPRSJ S1)

"writer Matthew Huntington deploys a tightly constructed story arc which pushes Dan and Simon from uneasy rivalry through near hostility and forward into a fragile but good-humoured rapprochement at the conclusion of their meeting."

Eleanor Lewis Mark Aspen Reviews

Brothers by Matthew Huntington (SPRSJ S1)


I was delighted to discover Wild Duck Theatre had produced short audio drama podcasts; having seen a couple of their live theatre productions, I knew the team at Wild Duck would produce some compelling and thought-provoking shorts to consume on the move or to listen to at home.   And so it proved.  Four original pieces from four new and exciting writers, all beautifully written, performed and produced.  


There’s a breadth of topics covered in the series; the enigmatic and haunting modern fairytale of “Elaine”, the simmering family rivalry of “Brothers”, the gothic and macabre story of the “Tulip Hunters” and the poignant and moving “The Shell Pilgrim.”  The writing from Susan Conte, Rosie Bilton, Matthew Huntington, and Billy Brooks is top-notch and the Wild Duck Team ensures their high standard of production brings the drama to life.  

A must listen. - Tony | Author



A fantastic group of short plays, all under 15 mins. I've been listening to these on my daily walk, a perfect distraction from the closed theatres. Congrats to the writers and directors. Really enjoyable podcasts! 

(SPRSJ S1) Hawksight12 | Apple Podcasts


Lovely little collection! Nice for all those walks we're all doing at the moment! Brought back all the nostalgia of theatre and it feels great.

The Shell Pilgrim in particular made me chuckle..

(SPFSJ S1) Francesca86 | Apple Podcasts


A varied and compelling collection of short plays that draw you in. Well acted and produced with drama and sensitivity.

(SPFSJ S1) - Jill

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